Your Rights

What is Most Important to You?

An act of sexual violence can affect all aspects of a person’s life. Pressing criminal charges can put the perpetrator behind bars, but what about your other needs? True justice often means more than pressing charges or seeing a counselor.

When it comes to sexual violence, there are a lot of MYTHS out there. You may have heard some statements like these:

  • If the police can’t prove it, you just have to forget it and move on.
  • No one will believe you if you tell.
  • He’s such a nice guy, you shouldn’t ruin his whole life over it.
  • If you tell the police, they’ll deport you.
  • If you break your lease your landlord will sue you for rent.
  • You have to take Fs in all your classes and transfer schools.
  • You have to see him at work, so you shouldn’t tell anyone.
  • In reality, there are many laws to support you, and you have the right to decide which ones are most important to you.

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